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Standard – 2,35 mm PVC coated cable, RX+ – 1,5 mm coated cable, RX++ – 1,5 mm stainless steel uncoated cable


Your Height 1480mm to 1500mm = Cable length 2450mm, Your Height 1500mm to 1550mm = Cable length 2500mm, Your Height 1550mm to 1600mm = Cable length 2550mm, Your Height 1600mm to 1650mm = Cable length 2600mm, Your Height 1650mm to 1700mm = Cable length 2650mm, Your Height 1700mm to 1750mm = Cable length 2700mm, Your Height 1750mm to 1800mm = Cable length 2750mm, Your Height 1800mm to 1850mm = Cable length 2800mm, Your Height 1850mm to 1900mm = Cable length 2850mm, Your Height 1900mm to 1950mm = Cable length 2900mm, Your Height 1950mm and taller = Cable length 2950mm